Thursday, June 18, 2009

A thought for Diana...

(For a Wonder Woman retrospective, check out yesterday's post.)
So this is a quick sketch I put together (ink and pencil crayons) which I think would look fabulous on the Amazon Princess. Again I'm a little hooked on the armour, but she is a warrior princess after all. If Diana must continue wearing the shorts, I recommend a full bottomed short with a slightly higher cut in the front to allow for ease of leg movement. I'm especially fond of the reinvent logo drawn and inked by Terry and Rachel Dodson, so I used that logo design in my own. Here's another ink/pencil crayon version I've drawn illustrating the high cut, full bottomed shorts that the Dodsons returned us to. I cannot stress enough how there is no place in the world of superheroics for a thong. There are many difficulties superheroes face and it's important for artists to recognize that and reign in the urge to turn their costumes into thinly veiled excuses for drawing soft core pornography. There is a certain amount of sensuality inherent in comics because they are wearing skin tight costumes and have a funny habit of being beautiful or strikingly handsome. I suppose my last thought on Diana's costume is this, provided she avoids thongs like the plague, her armoured bodice and bracelets combined with her strength and reflexes should provide her with enough protection in combat to make wearing that outfit practical in most situations, though still I'd encourage her to revisit the idea of pants. Both her sister, Donna Troy and protege Wonder Girl have found great success in pants or bodysuits and maybe Diana should give it a try. On the other hand, her customary costume does flatter her and allows for the opportunity to flirt with eligible bachelors, and lets face it, how does one get the Batman's mind off crime? I drew this image first in pencils, inked it and did colours, blending, finishing, etc. with Photoshop. Please note the full bottomed shorts Diana wears. I call this image "Stolen Moments". Ever since the Justice League episode "Maid of Honor" I've always been a huge fan of the Diana and Bruce relationship and hope she teams up with Red Robin to track that man down. Though I suppose teaming with Booster Gold might help her find him more easily, all things considered. But I suppose that's enough for Diana. It's highly unlikely DC will ever seriously consider modifying her outfit because of its iconic status, thanks in large part to Ms Lynda Carter (who incidentally is singing these days and released a CD you can check out at I still remember her singing on the Muppet Show and Miss Piggy's antics as Wonder Pig. One can never be safe when there are giant chickens wandering around. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you join me next time. So not to seem to DC focused I'm going to take a look at one of Marvel's X-men whose costume choices over the years have ranged from insanely impractical to something a little more stylish and then something a little, er... at any rate TARGET ACQUIRED Name: Emma Frost A.K.A. the White Queen. This Emma Frost drawing not by me, I've been having trouble identifying the artist, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Wonder Woman and all related symbols, insignia, costumes etc, are all © Trademarks of DC Comics and the images reproduced here are used only as examples of my ideas for her costume and the promotion of DC Comics

Emma Frost, the White Queen, the Black Queen, the X-Men and all related symbols, insignia, costumes etc, are all © Trademarks of Marvel Comics and the images reproduced here are used only as illustrations for the purpose of costume critique and the promotion of Marvel Comics


  1. I like the armour plates on the boots!

  2. Thanks! I'm all about armour when bullets can hurt you.